This Market has some of the best local musicians and Pagan Artists from all over including Victor and The Bully Damh the Bard,  and Spriggan Mist. Tikcets now available!


The Enchanted Market

Garth Hill College

Bull Lane ,Bracknell,

Berks RG42 2LN


Maxine Cilia:07916173517


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The Enchanted Market
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February 10th - 11th 2018

PSYCHIC PROTECTION - Redefining your boundaries - with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Do you ever feel  drained after spending time with another? Have you ever felt uncomfortable when walking into someone's home or a building? Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted? When you open the doors to the spirit world your psychic awakening takes place. To ensure balance between the worlds you need to create a psychic barrier of defence. Join Barbara for this informative and instructional workshop in psychic protection.

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free is a High Priestess of Isis, Shaman, Seer, Singer, Best Selling Author and a teacher of the ancient ways of the Craft.

FAERY WITCHCRAFT by Flavia Kate Peters

Discover how for thousands of years witches and healers worked alongside the mystical world of the Fae. The Elemental Kingdom urges us to re-awaken our powerful manifestation and magical abilities as we step back into alignment with the natural world through spell work, invocation and acknowledging both aspects of our light and shadow selves.

Flavia Kate Peters is a High Priestess of the Morrighan,  Best Selling Author, Faery Seer, Singer  and teacher of Faery Folklore.

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free is a High Priestess of Isis, Shaman, Seer, Singer, Best Selling Author and a teacher of the ancient ways of the Craft.

The Tarot Major Life Cards by Kate May

I will cover the fools journey - a talk through the Major life cards, then continue with  an explanation of the suits & the court cards

I will go through the timings associated with the suits plus the elements and zodiac signs  and areas - such as fire earth air and water,love money,mind and emotions.

Each person there, will get to choose a card for a personnel reading pairing up to work with each other on this, no knowledge necessary - I will show them how easy it is to work with just vision & intuition.

We will end with a gentle meditation connecting to that card

depending on time I may get a chance to briefly go through the planets and star signs that connect to each major card with a brief description of key words for each planet and sign

Living Your Magic by Cat Treadwell

It can be hard to bring the more exciting aspects of spiritual practice into daily life, especially during the grey days of winter. Cat will explore how we can integrate our own magic into the everyday, combining ritual into our homes and workplaces to keep us inspired and moving towards the brighter days of Spring!


Cat is a professional Druid Priest and Author. She volunteers for the Pagan Federation and The Druid Network, and works as Chaplain for HM Prison Service and her local NHS Trust.

Trance Mediumship-Colin Faherty

Working as a trance medium, then explain the mechanics of it in relation to his own understanding and how it works for him and invite questions about that aspect.

 He will then do a short Demonstration off trance mediumship and invite questions of a spiritual nature about the spirit , life, the universe etc.

Ruth Callard-Rogers - Elements Events Ltd

Meditation & Mindfulness Intuitive Coach, Ruth Callard-Rogers

takes a spiritual approach to business and the stress out of your events.

Ruth likes to put the Zen into your Zone on both a personal level and within the workplace

balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through a range of holistic & wellbeing


She recently launched Crystal Elements Meditation & Mindfulness

Group in Wiltshire to foster Meditation & Mindfulness within Community

Kevin Groves -Ancient Eyptian Magic-

Personal versus Temple Practice


Anxieties- Phil Gowler

Hi, my name is Phil Gowler and I am a therapist specialising in emotional and psychological disorders and I also offer group training for organisations based around understanding human behaviour and how to develop positive communication and teamwork.

I am talking about Anxiety. Principally because it is the most common mental health problem reported to GPs, and it can be so powerful that it damages peoples lives and may even lead to suicide My talk will be about the causes of anxiety but more importantly I will discuss several techniques that you can use to deal with it, or even get rid of it.'

Bríghid’s Flame- Story tellers

When the world ends what stories will you tell around the fire?

The land is a wasteland – a kingdom of crows. B, a raggedy young survivor on the run, is tired, hungry and cold, and it is getting dark. Then she hears an eerie singing …

Myth-Punk: Irish Mythology meets the Post-Apocalyptic!

'Absolutely Magickal!' (Candia McKormack, Inkubus Sukkubus)  

 For adults and older children

Bríghid’s Flame, Kevan Manwaring (3rd Bard of Bath, The Bardic Handbook) & Chantelle Smith (Talis Kimberley & band, Ballad Tales), are specialists in bardic tales and song who have been performing their unique blend of storytelling, ballad-singing, poetry and music (harp, guitar, shruti box, bodhran, bones) since 2014. Their love of mythology, folklore and prehistory informs their performances. 


Twitter: @brighidsflame

Speakers Talks Info

 The Cailleach Wisdom of The Crone-Rachel Patterson

Rachel Patterson is a well known author and a witch and has been for a very long time, not the green skinned warty kind obviously...the real sort she is also a working wife and mother who has also been lucky enough to write and have published a book or three.  She is a wealth of knowledge and  High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft.

It is also my pleasure to contribute articles to several magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Witchcraft & Wicca.  You will also find my regular ramblings on the Patheos Pagan, Moon Books and Witches & Pagans blogs.

My craft is a combination of old religion witchcraft, wicca, kitchen witchery, green witchery and folk magic.  My heart is that of a Kitchen Witch.


I love to learn, I love to study and I have done so from books, online resources schools and wonderful mentors over the years and still continues to learn each and every day but I have learnt the most from actually getting outside and doing it.

I like to laugh...and eat cake...

Biz-Witchery 101 Workshop-Lyn Thurman

The Biz-Witchery 101 workshop is where the practical and the spiritual meet.

Just starting out on your small business adventure or maybe wanting to explore how to get that good idea off the ground?  It can be confusing journey in the digital age - more so when you want to make a heart-felt impact without losing your soul.  

But you can find your magic, craft a business that feels good, and find a way to express yourself without compromising your integrity.  In this workshop, we'll cover the essential ingredients for any start-up soulpreneur.

Speakers Talks Info

Jonathan Lyceum Argento-Making Magick Work (and why it can fail)

A practical and not always serious analysis of spell work with highly useable examples…’

An overview of the principles of working magick - with some keys to making your practice more successful. I will explain how some spells I have used have been effective and provide some techniques and examples that anyone can use.

Jonathan Argento is an experienced Witch and teacher and has worked in education for many years.  He currently mentors several training covens and holds an MA in Religion and Philosophy and is a co-promotor of Pagan Pride South.

Lucya Straza-Candle Magic

Using candles for spellcraft, rituals, meditation and scrying. Lucya is the author of the book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic, published by Moon Books. She edited the new book Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days and also writes A Bad Witch’s Blog at